Miss Bea Tano is a Style + Travel + Life blog that Bea writes to express her thoughts on art, beauty, adventure and life discoveries.

It all started as her escape from boredom, since the internet became very hype back in early 2010s. Her first blog was all about her thoughts about art and personal photos of daily records of her life – all for her family members and friends to read. It didn’t took long for her family and friends to tell her to post outfit photos, she did and has been loving doing it ever since. Though there have been problems with her blog and everything in it for the past years, she decides to stop and focus more on her studies.

Bea graduated in the University of Southern Philippines Foundation, where she took up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management, minor in Entrepreneurship and Finance Management. She learned to play piano at a very young age in her hometown, loves to draw and paint which is influenced by her family. She was recognized by Local Boutiques in Cebu and Mary Kay. Though some contracts had ended because of her temporary leave from the blogging community.

Right now, Bea resides in Cebu City, starting over her blog, travelling and experiencing new things and adventures to continue on gaining the taste of how good life is. She would like to thank you from the bottom of her heart for taking the time to read and visit her blog.