There Is Beauty and Goodness In Everything


From a disarranged flower set to a perfectly-timed photograph, indeed people have a way of believing on what they think is beautiful. This photo above, might be a “trashy” photo to someone, it might be a “breathtaking” image to someone or maybe someone will judge about the way the photo was composed. Whatever anybody’s opinion is, it all comes down to how you see it and on how you react to it. You can’t control things around you but you can control on how you wish to see them. There’s no reason for you to be negative, unless you let it swallow your entirety. I am a firm believer that as long as you see the good and beautiful things in life, it will naturally follow you. It’s just so ridiculously beautiful to know that there is beauty in every corner of this world. I love how some people accept things the way that they are and never wished to change it. I am in awe for those people who still sees beauty and gives a positive outlook on life when it gets rough – now these are the people who are truly admiring. There are just so many things to love and appreciate about in this world. Sometimes, I can’t help myself but smile past my cheeks whenever I remember or saw something that makes this world beautiful. And because of that, I am definitely thankful.


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