15 Things To Do in Canigao Island


Ahh.. Summer!

This April, my college friends and I went to this little island paradise called Canigao located in Matalom, Leyte and I assure you, this island is a stress remover! With friendly staff, white-pinkish sand, and crisp ocean breeze, what more can you ask for? Plus, everything in this place is instagram-worthy! Now without any further ado, here are things that you can do that will test your love and lust for travel in this little paradise.

1. Set up your own tent/hammock – anywhere you want.

Yep, you heard me right, you can set up a tent or hammock anywhere you want. The rule “First come, first serve” is well implemented in this island since there are no hotels/inns or any grand services available because it’s a virgin island where you have to do everything on your own! So if you’re a person who is up to do anything to survive, then this place might be your next destination.

P.S. If you don’t own a tent, you can rent directly at the island’s store shack for only 350pesos. There are also cottages ranging from 500pesos to 700pesos and rooms for 1,500pesos no air conditioner though. (I recommend pitching on a tent near the shore and make the sand as your bed with the stars as your night-light.Yep, that would be great.)

2. Grill/Cook your own food or let the staff cook you a meal.

You can buy some food, snack and refreshment. Though at a reasonable price. Yep, it’s a bit pricey for those who are travelling with a budget as the stores in the island are the only source you can access to buy something.


3. Catch the sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise at 5:20 A.M. (E.T.) / Sunset at 5:50 P.M. (E.T)


4. Moonphase watch and stargazing.

Moonphase watching is much more beautiful if it’s full moon. We were lucky enough to witness a full moon’s phase that night. You can also lay down a straw mat with your pals to watch the stars and (hopefully) witness a shooting star. (I saw one but the moon was too bright, lol)


5. Trek the whole island.

Even if it’s okay to trek with your bare feet, I wouldn’t recommend doing that in the whole trekking activity because there are a lot of little pieces of sharp glass from broken bottles and tiny sharp corals which might lead to a bit of a bummer to your whole trip.


6. Build your own improvised table and chairs – using sand. 

Trust me, you’ll save heaps from renting tables and chairs from the store shack plus it’s fun making it! Kind’a releases the inner child in you again.


7. Stay in the water for as long as you want.

And when I mean long, I mean you can soak in the water even if it’s past midnight. Yep, there are no time restrictions in this island.


8. Play all kinds of beach sports.

You can rent sports equipment in the store shack. (e.g. Frisbee, Volleyball, Football)


9. Meet other people (local or foreign) or join in their activities.

Everyone who sets foot in this island are already your acquaintances! That is, if you’re not that hesitant to approach them. Play with them (Volleyball/Frisbee) or even join a karaoke with them! It makes your trip more worthwhile.


10. Go snorkeling or diving.

Fishes are everywhere in this area and you can see them visibly near the shore at night-time if it’s full moon.


11. Try Kayaking / ride or drive a Jet Ski.

Just go to the store shack or approach the authorities to rent them. You can also use a paddle boat if you please. However, you’re allowed to bring your own.


12. Stay in a tree house.

Be sure to ask permission from the management ahead of time. Remember, first come, first serve.


13. Look for Sea Urchins, catch Fishes and collect Shells.


14. Try to look for the monkey.

They are located on the other side of the island, specifically up in the trees but keep an eye out on your things, they can take your belongings in just a swift just like Abu! (Abu from Aladdin guys, Lol #lame)


15. Take instagrammable photos everywhere.

Or if you consider having a photo shoot ala Victoria’s Secret with your peers, then you may do so.


Here’s a Video Blog that I made for you guys to see. Enjoy! xx

Click to watch the video

More photos from the rest of our trip in Leyte.



When a planned group photo pose gets mistranslated, it literally looks like this one.





I know. Unapologetic selfie.

How did we get there?

  1. We booked a ticket from Roble Shipping Lines in a night-time schedule. Left at 9:00 P.M. – Arrived at 3:00 A.M. (Cebu – Hilongos, Leyte) *For those who wish to travel at night, I suggest you to travel at day time specifically early morning unless someone is going to pick you up there from the port at 3AM.*
  2. Took a pump boat ride in Matalom pier going to Canigao for only 60pesos which covers you back and forth plus 35pesos as entrance fee with a total of 95pesos. Time travel: 20 mins.




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