Start Laughing it Off


Hola! It’s been forever since I wrote a blog post since school and work got the best of me but I’m here now, ready to take on the world! *evil laugh* Lol, kidding. I gotta admit, I really miss blogging as much as I miss interacting with you guys. It’s really sad to be honest, to not do what you love because of priorities and stuff that you had to work first.

But anyway, this means we’re all starting over, not just because it’s 2016 (though it has a point) but because situations in life change every single day and because you have the power to start over IF you’re willing to do so. 2015 has been a really tough year for me and in exchange to that, I learned a lot and grew into the kind of person I am now today (thanks to the bad and good experiences).

If you have problems, breathe in and breathe out, slowly – this is what I usually do whenever I encounter challenges that may seem impossible to catch upon. Take those challenges, do it, live it and laugh it off, trust me, it’ll be worth it after all the hustling.

Bottom line? Be happy, don’t let the negativity sink into you, surround yourself with good people, Respect everyone, be Kind, have Faith and just keep smiling!


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